wilbur ☆ he/they+neos
japanese & native // eng/french
autistic/adhder, bpd, cptsd, etc
OSDD-1B system
physically disabled
13 yo // may 11th
nb boy, transmasc
bambi/sun biromantic-gay, demisexual, aroaceflux, polyam, amicusromantic,
ENFP 2w3 | taurus
otherkin n ficitonkin
age/pet regressor
anti-endo | rad inclus
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DNI | basic dni thing, toxic mcyt antis, anti-neoprn/xenogender, proshipper/poppytwt, anti-educated self dx, anti-kin, post triggering content with no TW, pro-ana, sh/ed/SA blog, pedo/MAP, endogenic 'systems', against good faith identities, transmed/truscum, terf/radfem, think agere/petre is NSFW
BYF | I use a typing quirk sometimes! feel free to ask for translations, i go non-verbal sometimes, tone tags are needed with me! /g, don't vent to me without permission, pls tag ED/SA/SH topics and any mcyt neg /g (i have more triggers but pls ask), i hold my favs accountable if they're actually problematic, i have a lot of trouble with communication so please be patient with me abt it, i am very sensitive to criticism and rejection so pls be aware of that, doubles of any of my ficitonkins r totally cool!! <3
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interests/likes | dsmp, hermitcraft, the life series, empires smp, origins smp, yandere high school, the owl house, adventure time, animals, kandi, music, poetry, stuffed animals, anime, cosplay, editing, youtube, true crime, stimboards, typing quirks, homestuck, minecraft, 12 minutes, FNAF, xenogenders, stranger things, space/stars, luca, english class, cutecore, reading/writing fanficiton, daydreaming, vocaloid, sleeping, rain, birds, nature and sweet foods.special interests/hyperfixations | desertduo, flower husbands, dsmp, space/stars, xenogenders, hermitcraft, dabloons/my dabloonsona, and minecraftdislikes | photos/talk/mentions of SH/EDS/SA, summer/hot weather, (most) bugs, fakeclaiming, math, mcyt antis, spiders, talking abt my trauma unless close, school, bad textures, bright lights, derealization, and on occasion the :) face.kin types | polykin, catkin, aviankin, ghostkin, dollkin, faerkin, mermaidkin, foxkin, raccoonkin
fictionkin list | cgrian, cranboo, cwilbur, cscott, cjimmy,tcfs!tommy, ENA, ctubbo, cgeminitay, etc!
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my luvs <3
tommy <33 !!! /r
skeleton frenzy <33 !!! /r
max <33 /p
sam <33 /p
spencer <33 /p
lemon boy/kason <33 /p
vamps cove <33 /p
kellen <33 /p
alex <33 /p
everyone i sit with at lunch tbh <3 /p
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